Forthcoming 2022

“The allure of the archive: Source, prompt, and modality in curatorial practice,” in Asian Art Biennial Forum proceedings (National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung)

“Making It Back Home: Displacement and Strategies of Resilience Through Art” in The Resilience of Vernacular Heritage in Asian Cities (Amsterdam University Press, Netherlands)

“Grounding by Undoing,” in Proto/Para: Rethinking Curatorial Practice catalogue (Philippine Contemporary Art Network, The Japan Foundation Manila, and the UP Vargas Museum)

Recently published, 2021

“Being-in-common during the pandemic: Food relief networks in Metro Manila, the Philippines,” in COVID-19 and Southeast Asia: Insights for a Post-Pandemic World (London School of Economics Press, UK)

“Shadow Neighborhoods: The street dwellers and vendors of Escolta, Manila,” in IIAS Focus Newsletter (International Institute of Asian Studies, Leiden)

“The Archive: A Path Towards the Future,” in the 2021 Asian Art Biennial catalogue (National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung)


“A Porous and Potent Zone: The University Art Collections and the Public Sphere,” in Adhika: Vision and Legacy, The University of the Philippines Diliman Collections (Office of the Chancellor UP Diliman and Office for Initiatives in Culture and Arts, Quezon City)*

“Bringing things back to life,” Mahalakshmi Kannapan solo exhibition (Gajah Gallery, Singapore)

“Witness to a Lost World,” Emmanuel Tolentino Santos solo exhibition (Art Porters Gallery for Art Fair Philippines)